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  So many times I have tried to find work from home. I love data entry and I thought I would give this a shot. Finally found something new, my search is finally over as I truly believe this is the program that  works. I cannot say enough, thanks for allowing me to work with you. Now I can do it from home and earn sufficient money. Thanks, Paramita didi. -  Sarmistha Sen ( Student ) .

   I did AdvanceTraining Course during my summer vacation after my 12th exam and today my hobby of being on the computer has started giving me my pocket money by working for an hour only or two in a week. All credit goes to Paramita Didi. – Subrata Gayen (Student).

   Hi, I am a Retired person. I just wanted to thank you for creating such great money making programme. After completion of the course, I increased my gross income almost on 200% and now I can make extra money just sitting at home.For newbie’s, it is perfect, as an effective campaign is just a few clicks away, and as for advanced users, it is extremely powerful and easy-to-use. Thank you very much for the best Work at Home program I have ever used. Good bless you!   - Samir Kumar Basak (Retired person) .

  Thank you somuch Madam for not only a very informative day but also for providing a fun environment in which to learn in. Your teaching talent is special. It was a wonderful working and getting trained from you as a teacher and friend as well. I look forward to my next opportunity to attend one of your courses.  - Samiran Das . (B. Com) .

   To: Supreme Info Solution, This is a great job; I have tried many so called legitimate companies, to always be disappointed. This is truly the best on the market. I have no regrets on my decision to become a member. Great data entry jobs! Keep up the nice work. I was so pleased that you never ever asked me to pay for anything. What a compliment to an already great job. – Ankita Mukherjee ( B.A. 2nd year).

  Hello, With all the scams on the Internet, it is so good to see a program that is honest and takes care of its members. I am very impressed with everything you have shown me and the layout of this program is very nice. All I have to say is "Great Program." Thank you for your incredible job opportunity. I will send you my pay report to post on your site for others to see this job really works.   – Dipanjan Basak. ( IBM Daksh).

I would like to inform that I have been totally impressed with the level of your Facebook Marketing training. Please convey my thanks to your team and be assured that I have recommended you to other colleagues as I truly believe that any one  like yours really knows what it takes to get the right people into the right jobs!  - Lakshmi Roy. (Beauty Saloon Owner).

   I may suggest Supreme Info Solution Training Institute, Kolkata to anyone, who are looking to earn 10k-20k per month. Here it is all practical and no theory. Amazingly Interesting. With my job I have started earning through Online Data Entry and mini jobs by working in the evenings. GOOD job. Keep it up. -  Roni. (Technical Engineer).


I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Paramita Didi who support of my wonderful jobs continuously.She gave me better support and invaluable assistance to make a career in Internet Marketing. Thank you from the core of my heart!" Good bless you! - Meenakshi Tiwari. ( House Wife).

  Madam Paramita is highly capable and enthusiastic Instructor who inspires and encourages each and every student who meets her. Having instructed over 100 of our students till date,we can safely and proudly say that all students have credited Paramita with the highest marks and accolades. If you have the opportunity to contact Paramita, I can safely say you will not be disappointed. – Tapan Bag ( Business man).

  I am very impressed with this program. Every detail covered .Thank you so much for all your help through my training. You are a blessing. I am on my way posting my submissions and I am already earning some money. Just thought if you are ever in the Philippines look me up and I owe you a dinner. Thanks. - Pauline (Philippines).

  Good morning Paramita, I enjoyed your class, found it very useful and informative. You kept it interesting and didn't get too technical so that we could all keep up. I would also like to thank you for some of the "quick tips" you passed along as I have found them to be very useful. Paramita kept the atmosphere light. She kept everyone together and she kept everyone focused as well.
I wish her great success in future. - Ranuka Mondal ( House wife ) .

Thank you SO much. The manual gave me the exact information that I have been searching for online for so long. I finally know where to get all Online job, there are always some available so I don't have to work if I don't want to. That is what I love about this, I can choose to work whenever I want, it is great!". - Babra Smith. ( UK ).

Money is what I was in need of. Sudden loss of job left me in the middle of nothing. Then a friend told me about your Programme, and I am glad she did. Now who needs a job and a nagging boss? Classic Income gave the much needed financial independence, and also saved a lot of traveling time which now I am utilizing in other activities and with my kids. This is one of the best online jobs. Also great as part time jobs for those who has 2-3 hrs as spare time. – Juli Ghosh.

I was studying in 2nd year B.A. ( Hons) in Bengali . While studying, I was planning to work in free time to earn some money so as to satisfy my basic needs. I found this website and contact Madam, She is very friendly in her approach towards me and she provided me full support till I got the knowledge about the work. To my surprise, I started to work within few hours and now I am earning more than 15,000/Month.  - Swapna Das.

I was working in MNC Company because of heavy work I was not able to spent time with my children. One day I decided to search for home based online job. While searching I found this website and I contact Paramita. She helped me a lot and presently I started to work daily for more than 5 hours daily and earning more than Rs.10,000/  p.m. This is more than my salary so I left my job and now I am able to spend more time with my Kids. - Tuhin Subhra Dey.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for creating such great money making program. After completion of the course I increased my gross income almost on 200% and now I can make extra money just sitting at home. For newbie’s, it is perfect, as an effective campaign is just a few clicks away, and as for advanced users, it is extremely powerful and easy-to-use. Thank you very much for the best Work at Home program I have ever used. - Mr. Ranjit Mukherjee.

   I am a clerk in a Private Company and I was recently married. After my marriage, my salary was not enough to run my family as well as to meet daily needs. So I started searching for some On Line / work at Home job for my wife which she can work from home. Then in the internet I came across this website and I contacted Paramita Didi for my wife. To my surprise, my wife understood the work very easily and now she is earning more than my salary. Thanks to Paramita Didi for assisting such a Wonderful Job! – Joy Banerjee.

  The jobs are fabulous and the opportunities are never ending. I almost didn't join a few months ago as I thought this would be another scam. To my surprise, I am making a steady income and now have the opportunity to work at home and spend time with my children. I am so glad  and decided to join your program. You are the best! – Rahul Bose.

   I am only 22 years of age. If I can create financial independence through Supreme Info Solution, so you can do it also! Just do it!
This is great opportunity that comes once in a lifetime.  – Jotshna Roy.